Bring professionalism into the digital effort

talkiing has partnered with the Center for Digital Pedagogy (CfDP). This means that by purchasing our chat client, your staff can also be equipped pedagogically to adopt digital practices, and become part of a larger inter-municipal network.

Indeed, working digitally through a chat system is a unique skill that requires the right training - and ongoing guidance. The chat client itself is only the first step. 

CfDP has 18 years of experience in linking digital and physical counselling and building bridges between civil society and public actors, thus taking child and youth counselling in Denmark to new heights on the young people's terms. The centre has extensive experience in teaching and implementing social counselling services that are online, easily accessible, anonymous and with services that work both nationally and locally. The work received KL's Prevention Award in 2021.

"Getting a digital youth service up and running is not something you just do" says a staff member in Slagelse who, before taking the idea to the municipal top, sought help from CfDP: "I had heard about Cyberhus, which provided digital counselling for children and young people. They had the experience of building up a digital counselling service. And working with them was just great from the start," he says about the foundation that Slagelse Municipality and CfDP laid together for what today exists as an independent child and youth counselling service in Slagelse Municipality.

CfDP empowers professionals in digital pedagogy

With extensive experience in digital pedagogical work, CfDP will equip you well as digital workers, and you will also be invited into a network that works across 30 municipalities. The centre can tailor the right solution for you with training, implementation and guidance, depending on your needs and, not least, targeted at your local practice. 

Contact CfDP directly here or ask us to arrange contact for purchase.

I think I am met with a huge openness to innovation. I just waded into it with clogs on, and had a thousand thoughts about what you could do without having been part of it before. But I was listened to. It's great to be invited into a expert network, where you think a little bit further.

See the case of the 25 municipalities

Centre for Digital Pedagogy has, by using among other things Talking's chat solution, got more than 25 municipalities and organisations started with a digital pedagogical effort, which enables a quick and flexible contact to local children and young people in vulnerable and exposed positions