Social work in new media

The Center for Digital Pedagogy has, through the use of a chat solution, got more than 25 municipalities and organizations started with a digital pedagogical effort, which enables a quick and flexible contact with local children and young people in vulnerable and exposed positions. Read more about CfDP here

We are convinced that we reach some young people that we do not reach otherwise. We reach out to those who might not have the courage to ask their teacher or talk to their parents

Digital educational efforts in several areas

In addition to using chat, SMS and group chat in the detection and prevention work, Center For Digital Pedagogy has also worked with the medium as a tool directly in the treatment work with the children and young people who are part of an effort in the municipality or organization. In this way, digital becomes not only a way to reach the target group, but also a supplement to the toolbox in practice.

Get equipped for digital effort

Together with the Center for Digital Pedagogy, talkiing can help you with a holistic approach to working with digital media. We provide a secure and tested platform, and the Center for Digital Pedagogy equips you so that your professional quality is transferred to the offer.